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According to the announcement of post graduate program Selection Results Academic Season 2015/2016, Qualified Participants must re-registrartion to following manner :

  1. Accessing the page http://siam.ub.ac.id and searching PIN of prospective students by clicking on INFO PIN. Then input REGISTRATION NUMBER Post Graduate Program and DATE of BIRTH. Next, please finish next math question. Then use REGISTRATION NUMBER as username and PIN password to login and fill biodata by online.
  2. Fill your biodata correctly, acurately and honestly for the purpose of academic.
  3. After filling biodata, PRINT Form 1 and Form 2 as a sign that you already do online registration, then submitted to the academic of Post Graduate FPIK UB.
  4. Paying cost of education which have been assigned start from 26 August till s/d September 2015. Then re-registration to financial section of FPOK UB (New Building First 1), proof of re-registration was assigned to Post Graduate Academic FPIK UB.
  5. Others :
    1. Each prospective student who not meet this provision, or belated re-registration (online registration) be avowed resign as freshmen og Brwijaya University academic season 2015/2016.
    2. If there are Announcement or schedule changes, it will be announced by this pageĀ http://ub.ac.id or http://selma.ub.ac.id
    3. The thigs that is not clear yet, you can contact (on days and hours work) :
      • Isuue online registration system to TIK UB Telp (0341) 575878, (0341) 573600 or send e-mail to spmk@ub.ac.id.
      • Academic Issue to Academic UB Telp (0341) 575754 or 551611 Plane 117 and 118

      Here is the number of freshmen :

      Download (XLS, 27KB)

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